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Students considering a Scholarly Year (SY) off from medical training must consult with their Faculty Advisor and the Medical Student Research Office (MSRO) to discuss plans for a Scholarly year before submitting this request form. International students must also consult the International Personnel Office and students doing research outside of the United States should consult with Darinka Gadikota-Klumpers in advanced of submitting this form.

The Scholarly Year period is from July 1 to June 30th. Only M3 students are eligible request a SY.

The deadline for submitting this Request for a Scholarly Year is May 15. Please allow 4 weeks for the processing of this form. You will need to upload the following additional documents to this form:

Students interested in a year for a Consulting/Professional Programs, a second degree (with the exception of the PORTAL program) should consult with Student Affairs as you will be required to complete a different form and NOT the ”Request for Scholarly Year form”.

STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES:  This office will service all 3 categories. The contact email is

  •  FINANCIAL AID:  Students may apply and receive federal student loans.
  •  HEALTH INSURANCE:  Health Insurance is required for Scholarly Year. Students attending another institution can remain with Icahn student health insurance or, if the student decides to accept other insurance, they must cancel Icahn health insurance within 30 days of start date (note: failure to do so will result in the student being responsible for all fees). Students will be eligible to re-enroll at the beginning of the next academic cycle.

HOUSING:  Students on Scholarly Year are eligible for housing. For more information contact:

LENGTH OF TIME TO DEGREE:  Students are allowed a maximum of 6 years to complete the MD program at ISMMS, and a further extension of this leave will not be granted. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Promotions Committee.


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If you are an international student contact the International Personnel Office for any documents and clearances you may need, call 212-731-7744.

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Contact  Darinka Gadikota in the Global Health Office: and complete the Pre-Travel requirements, which can be found on the Global Health Blackboard page.

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Student Agreement

I understand that if I begin a Scholarly Year program without having obtained prior written approval that my status can automatically be converted to an administrative leave.

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