Students on Scholarly Year must complete and submit this form by February 15 of your approved Scholarly Year. The form alerts the Office of Enrollment Services, including Financial Aid and Bursar; compliance team; Student Affairs, Medical Student Research Office, and the Registrar of your intention to resume classes. If the MSRO does not hear from you by February 15, it will be assumed you no longer wish to continue your studies at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. You will not be able to enroll in classes or clerkships if you have any outstanding holds on your account. All balances, such as tuition, housing, and insurance, must be paid in full before you return.

STUDENT CLEARANCE REQUIREMENTS: All students returning to clinical rotations or electives must complete Clinical Requirements. A separate form will be sent once you have completed the Return from Scholarly Year form.

TUITION and FEES: Upon returning as full-time enrolled students, you will be invoiced at the current tuition rate. Please reach out to the Office of Enrollment Services with any questions; Students must clear any housing arrears (outstanding balances over 2 months), in addition to any outstanding fees or tuition balances, in order to be cleared to return.

FINANCIAL AID: The priority deadline to apply for financial aid is May 1. For questions about or to apply for Financial Aid:

HEALTH INSURANCE: Students who dropped ISMMS insurance must re-sign within 30 days of their return date. For questions, contact:

HOUSING: If not in housing, students must reapply for housing accommodations by February 15. Please contact Cynthia Morales at with any questions.

SCHOLARLY PRODUCT: A scholarly product is due May 1 for all students, except for PORTAL and students returning from the national fellowships. If you have prepared your scholarly product, you can upload it when submitting this return form. Or to submit by May 1, go to this link:

The scholarly product may be a:

  • 2-5 page final report on your project, including a cover page
  • manuscript you are preparing for publication
  • manuscript you have submitted for publication, including journal name and submission date
  • first-author abstract you have submitted to a national meeting, with meeting name, dates, and location

Failure to provide a scholarly product will result in you being put on administrative leave and your inability to return to clerkships.

Extending the Scholarly Year: Students who wish to extend their time away from the MD program must email the Director of the Medical Student Research Office by February 15. Students should include in the email: 

‚óŹDetails about how they plan to use the additional year (i.e. accepted to a degree program, continue with research, personal reason, etc.) 

‚óŹ Provide additional documentation, as necessary (i.e., progress report).

Request for extending the SY must be approved before continuing into the new academic year by the Promotions Committee.  Note- the agenda is full, so this review can take up to three months, so submit your request as soon as possible before the deadline.

Requests to Return Early: Students may no longer return early to take away or any other type of electives or rotations.

Please note that final approval to return from a Scholarly Year cannot be granted until all required paperwork, including the Return from Scholarly Year form, the Student Clearance Requirements form, and your Scholarly Product, have been completed and submitted. 


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